SNAC - Songs for the New American Century is an ongoing portrayal of life in 21st c. USA. This eclectic series of song cycles expresses sentiments from cynical to sincere rendered by various artists in a mixed bag of genres (primarily rock, roots, and jazz). Within familiar forms and styles, SNAC sets out to bring the characters as well as the challenges of contemporary American life before our ears in a palatable fashion.


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Volume I - "Let Them Eat Cake"

Let Them Eat Cake invites a mindful examination of 1st decade 21st century America during the Bush years. The work begins with featured track "Big Money", a powerful indictment of the invisible central bankers who control our lives. The body of the album consists largely of tongue-in-cheek takes on characters all around us before linking us to our planet in "Greenspeak". The climactic three part magnum opus "Liberty Suite" includes a plea for all Americans to develop an awareness of the discrepancy between the State of the Union under George W. Bush and the vision of our Founding Fathers.


01 - Big Money Rock 5:19
02 - When All the Earth is Texas Roots Rock 4:17
03 - Talk a Good Game Jazz 4:04
04 - My God Pop Rock 3:02
05 - Cool 2B Dumbb Alt Country 2:54
06 - White Pride Spoken 0:24
07 - Slotown Classic Rock 4:47
08 - gMan Dance/Electronica 3:30
09 - Greenspeak Choral/Gospel 4:59
          Liberty Suite:    
10a   -  Lexington Green Rock, Instrumental 3:37
10b   -  Melody of Freedom Rock 3:26
10c   -  Dear Ben Rock 5:36



Lead Vocals Kathy Chastain, Ron Goldberg, Joe Peer, 
Milkweed, Milkbone, Pimp au Lait
Organ/Piano/E.Piano/Clavinet Kit Walker
Drums Wade Olson, John Mader
Acoustic Guitar Slim Stout, Ron Goldberg
Electric Guitar Gato Wenge
Bass iLo
Mandolin Ambush
Sympathizer/Keybodes A.D. Yates
Percussion/Synth Programming Shuggabeat
Vocal/Horn Arrangements Piddle D
Background Vocals Wisele, Kathy Chastain, Milkweed

All songs written by Malcolm Clark, ©2008, BigNose Music
except My God, Music by Malcolm Clark and David Gerbic, Lyrics by Malcolm Clark

Producer Brer Hawk
Associate Producer Blind Howlin' Loaf
Executive Producer Wisele
Record/Mix Tek Know
Master Dowdy Jing
Graphic Design Mine Zye
Photography Peeko

Recorded at Studio MalKoma, Occidental, CA and Cheval Digital, Woodland, CA
Additional Recording at Chez Louise, Davis, CA
Thanks to Peter and Colin Foley for additional technical support.
Mixed and Mastered at Studio MalKoma

All music hand crafted by organic, free range, grain fed Pilgrims of the Muse. None of the instruments employed in this production were manufactured with the use of pesticides, nuclear waste, GMOs, or otherwise hazardous materials--Total carbon emissions: 0. All animals subjected to the production of his music were delighted. All music herein exists solely in the present moment—hear it Now or not at all. Rendering this music in the past or future is strictly prohibited. Your friends need to hear this, rip it and ship it!